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On this page we will highlight some of Elisabeth's best known characters from Film.

Janet McKaren - Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous

Janet is an Agent with the FBI.  She is dating Agent Jeff Foreman and having an affair with the Director of part of the FBI Collins.  She is using them both to advance her career and ends up breaking Jeff's heart.

Donna Whitson - Amber's Story

Amber's Story is a movie based on the true story of Donna Whitson and her fight to get a law passed after her daughter is kidnapped and killed.  In the end she gets them to pass the Amber Alert law.  Elisabeth gained weight, dyed her hair brown and put on a southern accent for this role.

Abigail - The Kreutzer Sonata

Abigail is the wife of the main character Edgar.  She is also a well known pianist, and starts collaborating with a talented young violinist.  Her husband assumes that she is having and affair and things go terribly wrong.  This role is notable because there are many rather graphic sex scenes in which Elisabeth appears at least partly naked.  While not the first time she has done this in film, it is the most exposed she has been over all.

Josephine Sparrow - Crimes of the Past

Josephine is the daughter of a spy (hence the original title of the film "The Spy & The Sparrow"). She hasn't seen her father in years, and is currently suffering from alcohol abuse issues. When she crashes her car into a pole she then risks losing custody of her daughter to her ex-husband. Then her father comes in and saves the day and helps get her back on the right path.