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Useful information for audio/video files

The most important thing is when saving media from this site, make sure to right click and save.  Some video or audio may not work if its not saved first, and it wastes bandwidth if you watch it streaming from the site instead of saving.

Some of the video files may be encoded in DIVX/XVID.  In order to watch these you will need to make sure you have the latest DIVX Codex or VLC Video Player.  Both can be gotten for free by following the links.  If You go to play a video file and it is AVI and all you get is audio, then that is the problem.  If the file is MOV then you will need Quicktime to watch that, or VLC.

All audio is MP3 unless otherwise noted.  Windows Media Player or Winamp are recommended for listening, but there are many compatible players out there.  They can also easily be imported into Itunes to listen to as well.